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For Dentists Interested in Dental Sleep Medicine 

Oral Appliance Therapy with the use of Mandibular Advancement Devices may be used as first line therapy for many patients with mild to moderate obstructive sleep disordered breathing.  Use of Home Sleep Testing as a baseline may be performed in collaboration with a Sleep Medicine Specialist. A follow up In Lab Polysomnogram performed with use of Zephyr's MATRx System to assess effective therapeutic protrusion can then be obtained followed by a prescription by the Sleep Medicine Specialist to the Dentist detailing the effective protrusion distance.

National Sleep Foundation's Sleep Guide for Dentists

Helpful Videos

Interpretation of the MATRx Titration Study
MATRx Titration Tray Use & Scale Readings
MATRx Titration Tray Impressions
MATRx Titration Tray Selection

Narval CC- Dental Procedure - Mandibular Advancement Device
Narval CC - The Technology
Narval CC - How It's Made
Narval Patient Education Video